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Since 1985, when Travelogs International first started operating tours geared towards the educational community, never in our wildest dreams did we imagine that after more than 30 years we would be continually growing. We have you, the teachers who devote so much time and energy to extending your classroom to the world of student travel, to thank immensely for that.

We believe we have a commitment to excellence and honest service to the schools and teachers in making lifelong memories for their students. From Québec City to Orlando to Boston to Washington D.C. to New York City and elsewhere, we have had the great pleasure of having thousands of students explore, learn, and enjoy the many adventures that are possible in the world of student travel.

We would like to thank all of the teachers and administrators who have supported and continue to support the philosophy of student travel. You are the educational leaders who share our strong belief that travel is a vital and essential extension of the classroom. Your students are the global citizens of tomorrow, and it’s so important that they see and experience a world beyond their own classrooms and communities!

For those of you who haven’t traveled with us before, we invite you to join our community of teachers and students who see travel as an open book of knowledge and experiences.   Learn More >>

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